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My History

Year 2004 : Start an investigation of online marketplaces, in order to find investment opportunities low cost, the end result was a change of perception towards all the options found on the net to start a Business, free content by put into practice without any risk.


Year 2006 : Earlier this year I started my preparation in Financial Markets, during the same year I put into practice my knowledge of programming for the automation of Trading Strategies at the end of the year I focus on Training.


Year 2008 : Registration in the United States a society of professional service programming level, the rationale was based on providing a standardized service, fast and low cost programming.


Year 2009 : Culminated my career in Systems Engineering and also a specialized Diploma in Advanced Finance.


During this year in collaboration with a partner, started in Peru Lima-service Training in Financial Markets.


Year 2010 : I join the ranks of one of the Russian financial fastest growing companies, to start my activities as Executive and Consultant in their offices Mexico.


Year 2011 : Start my working Collaboration in a Cyprus Broker Company as Head of Development in Latin America, Portugal and Spain.


During this year follow various courses and qualified finance on Mexican Stock Exchange, so I begin my Masters in Banking, Finance and Exchange.


Year 2012 : Earlier this year develop a cycle of conferences throughout Central America and Latin America, visiting countries as Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile returning it to repeat at the end of Year by Colombia and Spain.


With the vision of entering the Market Real Estate I follow a Diploma in Marketing and Real Estate Marketing.


Year 2013 : During this year I made my name "Erick Segura" symbol of trust for all new companies in different industries with which I started my collaboration by providing conferences and workshops auctions, including real estate companies, which finally allowed me to continue introducing me more in this real estate market.


Put into practice the knowledge acquired on Trade in Real Estate (Buy-Sell-Rent) Initiating the acquisition of some properties.


In December this year published 2 books on my "Life of Trading" and "Volume Sentiment".


Year 2014 : A year in which the benefits of investment last year was received, same as reinvested following my system 20/80.


I write my third book "Living the Trading Estate" based on my experience in the Real Estate Business, which will be on the market in late 2016.


I add to my portfolio a new financial services company based in New York with which I could get new work experience and knowledge of the markets.


Year 2015 : Start my project "Institutional Capital Management", which I seek to offer an alternative institutional investment with consistent returns above the local market.

Year 2016 : I started my career as an analyst and specialist in financial markets.

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