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99% conservative and safe, taking into account five filters that ensure good risk management with consistent profits over time, and safety of funds.


  • Accounts opened with a leverage 1: 1.

  • Maximum loss level assigned by trade.

  • Maximum loss limit set at 10%.

  • Investment in a bank established and regulated in England.

  • Investor protection fund worth 500,000 GBP.


My technical part of fundamental analysis as a guiding principle, thereby seeking to be aligned with the policies of the major central banks while achieving more accurate to use sentiment analysis, market volume and statistics based on a trading Semi-Automated High Frequency.














High Frequency

Historical yields

Historical yields

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Comparison Table investment tools

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Comparison Table of investment tools

The estimates returns that we expect to get for your investment are between a level of 30% to 700% per year, which we are one of the best investment options with low risk, whereas Invested with zero leverage through a Broker England where their capital is protected up to 500,000 GBP (With the option to increase the insurance policy for higher deposits).

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