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  • Trilingual: Spanish (mother tongue), English and Portuguese.

  • I have written two books Investment.

  • Currently working with many companies and Investors in Latin America.

If you want enter to the Latin market to offer its services and/or products, seeking to increase their sales, this would be a service designed for you.


I offer to you my extensive experience in sales, centered on the United Mexican States and focused on the Latin American market and Brazil.


Reasons guarantee excellent results:


  • Extensive experience leading conferences in more than 10 countries in Latin America.

  • May be living in Latin American countries allowing me to experience different idiosyncrasies can adapt to all markets.

  • Extensive experience in the development of Digital Marketing.

  • Sales expertise in Latin America for over 7 years experience.

  • Professional in the area of Systems and Master in the financial sector.

  • Long working career as Executive Russian companies, European and United Kingdom.

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